Cargoclix TENDER. Tendering of contracts in the field of transport and logistics.

Cargoclix TENDER is a leading marketplace for conducting electronic tenders for contracts. Adapted to the needs of transport and logistics, TENDER is designed for all important transport modalities and logistic services. Many thousands of companies from industry, trade and logistics worldwide have registered on the platform since 1998 and use TENDER.

Cargoclix TENDER is available to all users in the cloud as “Software as a Service”.


Announcement of Public or Closed Group of Participants

Contracting authorities may decide whether a call for tenders is to be held publicly or in a closed group of participants. Cargoclix has a leading transport and logistics network.

Rating System

The rating system gives you an insight into an effective assessment system for service providers and allows you to see how other clients assess a particular service provider.


To ensure that no unwanted service providers participate in a public tender, unsuitable forwarders and carriers can be effectively excluded from their own tenders via a blacklist.

Closed Tender

A closed tender only reaches the service providers selected by the shipper. Service providers who are not invited do not see a closed tender.

Expansion of the Service Provider Base

Cargoclix TENDER offers an effective way of managing regular service providers. Shippers can easily integrate their system service providers into the platform and organize them clearly in groups. This way, you always have an overview of all important facts and informative KPIs on the companies.

Prequalification of Tender Participants (optional)

Before the actual call for tenders can be preceded by a prequalification. In a separate round, invited service providers fill out a questionnaire created by the shipper. In this way, a larger group of service providers can be specifically checked for suitability for the tender project. After prequalification, the shipper decides which service providers are to be allowed to submit bids.

System-Supported Preparation of the Invitation to Tender

The preparation of the invitation to tender is menu-guided. All components are created step by step. The preparation of complex consignment structures for different modes of transport is also possible in a simple and clear manner. The matrix supports various field functions (price fields, text fields, drop-down fields, percentage fields, formulas, etc.), optional and mandatory fields, individual and bundle prices, etc.).

Transparency in the Call for Tenders

When submitting bids, the client decides how much information the bidders should receive about their own position in comparison to the competition. The spectrum ranges from high transparency to blind bid submission.

Bidding in One or More Rounds

The client can decide whether the bid submission is to take place in one or more bidding rounds on the Internet.

Analysis of the Tender Results

After the submission of bids, TENDER supports the effective evaluation of the tender results. The system makes it easy to create scenarios with different assumptions and then compare them. TENDER also helps you to find the best price under the given restrictions.

Best Price

The “Best Price” option determines the best calculated price under the general conditions defined by the shipper.

Best Quality

In addition to price, the “Best Quality” option also includes qualitative criteria in the decision-making process. For this purpose, the shipper can carry out a system-supported utility value analysis and determine which criteria with which weighting should be included in the evaluation in addition to the price.

Award Decision and Conclusion of the Contract

The award decision is made by the shipper. As a rule, the decision was preceded by personal discussions between shipper and service provider. In most cases, the conclusion of the contract is documented by both parties by signing the contract on which the shipper is based.

Audit-Proof Archiving of Tender Results

After completion of a call for tenders, the results are kept securely in the archive. All details of the invitation to tender are stored and an award decision can also be traced audit-proof after years.

Download the Results

The rates stored in the archive are available to the shipper for download and can, thus, be easily imported into other applications at any time.


All calls for tenders contained in the archive can be used as templates. Tenders made in the past can, thus, be easily copied, revised and used as a template for a new tender.


  • Optimum Freight Rates

TENDER provides clients with an optimal overview of available capacities and current prices in the market. The platform offers a tendering process tailored to the requirements of the industry. The results are optimal freight rates in the transport and logistics sector.

  • Leading Network in the Transport Industry

TENDER has a leading network of users in the fields of shippers, forwarders and carriers. Customers gain access to new service providers, and transporters are effective for new long-term customers.

  • More Transparency in Analysis and Service Provider Selection

TENDER offers optimum transparency in evaluation, even for complex structures. Analyses and simulations open up new possibilities for optimising results. The “Best Price” option determines the best allocation in terms of calculation. With the “Best Quality” option, a system-supported utility value analysis can be integrated into the award process.

  • Save Time, Optimize Process Costs

TENDER makes tendering easy and supports the client in all phases of a tender project. The results are measurable time savings and significantly reduced process costs in freight purchasing.

  • Company-Wide Standards in Freight Purchasing

TENDER also makes it easy to introduce company-wide standards in freight purchasing for decentralized company structures. The platform offers all the necessary functionalities for this: These include, for example, the administration of templates to simplify the start of tenders and an internal company role system for defining authorizations.

  • Audit-Proof Tendering Process

TENDER makes it easy to make award processes from freight purchasing still comprehensible years later. All completed tenders are stored in an archive and can also be exported if required.


Accelerate your freight procurement!

Cargoclix TENDER is a leading platform for electronic tenders in transport and logistics contracts. It provides shippers with access to a comprehensive network of carriers and freight forwarders. By using this platform, you gain more transparency and save both money and time. The optimized tendering process typically results in a 30% to 50% time savings.

Request your customized offer for your tender on Cargoclix TENDER today. Email: 🚚💨

There are 2 options to request a price for your tender project:

Option A

Customer requests a quote before publishing the tender (best option).

  • Please write an email to with an overview of the planned tender.
  • The Cargoclix team will then be happy to provide you with a price for your tender project.

Option B

Customer gets a quote after preparing the tender.

  • After customer prepares tender by himself, the tender comes to pre-moderation status.
  • Based on the prepared tender Cargoclix sends a price via email.
  • The tender is launched once customer confirms the price.
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